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This article is written by Hadrien Leonard, DevOps intern at vpTech.


During my third year at Epitech, I enrolled in a four months full-time internship at Veepee. I joined the Customer Experience Optimisation team as a DevOps developer to work on monitoring, alerting and especially on a stability issue.

We are using two Prometheus instances. One shared across the whole data department and one dedicated to the team. Currently the shared instance often experiences down times, it impacts directly the team monitoring system, leading to potential information loss.

The objective has been to migrate our team metrics to Stackdriver, to…

In the innovation department, we give a lot of importance to keeping up to date with the latest news and tech trends, so we had the chance to participate in Viva Tech 2021 conference. Here are some key moments:

In our previous article we talked about the algorithm used at Veepee to rank the sales displayed on the home page. Now we will present our current implementation of the code and the first attempt to enhance it.

The previous workflow

Our current pipeline follows three main steps:

  • The features generation in BigQuery using DBT and Python
  • The extraction of these features into parquet files using Bash and Python scripts
  • The learning part using Tensorflow

These steps are implemented using a combination of tools on the Google Cloud Platform (most notably BigQuery and Cloud Storage) to construct the datasets and an on-premise server…

This article has been written by Joan Rueda, who is a Front End Developer in the Post Sales team in Veeepe.

In the recent DEVELOPER WEEK 2021 I was able to attend several exciting talks within the 3-day Javascript conference.

However, I would like to review here one talk that I found interesting because it brought to light some modern web APIs, and even some of them are still in an early stage.
This topic was covered in the talk “Wait…can My Browser Do That??” by Francesco Leardini. …

In vpTech, we aim to increase our commitment into the women inclusion matter in Tech. That’s why we have forged a partnership with Social Builder, an association which mission is to train women in digital skills and to help them integrate tech jobs.

We recently allocated some of our members to endorse the mentor role to help women in the process of reintegration in the Tech field. We are glad to have found four Tech ladies from our community volunteering to work individually with one person, who are in the process of reorienting their careers towards Tech, to talk about…

By Boris de Lastours, Tech Coordinator of South Members Migration

In 2001, vente-privee shaked consumer codes by creating the concept of event-based sales on the Internet. In 2019, building on its European development strategy initiated in 2006, vente-privee will change its name to Veepee, a global brand present in 12 European countries.

With Privalia, vente-exclusive, Designer & Friends, Eboutic and vente-privee, Veepee is taking the leading role in the European digital commerce landscape.

This expansion, going through companies acquisitions, has signed a big challenge for vpTech (Veepee’s Tech community): to converge all members and operations on a single new platform.

Introduction: Veepee’s use case

Veepee is an online flash sales website which offers a large number of new sales everyday with huge discounts up to 70%. Sales are available for a very short period of time. On Veepee’s website, there are about 200 flash sales on the home page on a given day divided into several sectors like fashion, accessories, toys, watches, home appliances, sports equipment, technology, wines, travel, etc.
New sales open every day and old sales either continue or stop. To help the customer find new sales, the home page is divided in 2 sections: “Opening Sales” and “Current…

By Adrien Fortuné, developer in the Carrier Management team, part of the Supply Chain at vpTech.

When developing an application with Test Driven Development paradigms, you can take all the time you have and make all possible efforts to test all cases, you miss things and issues happen.

When a bug happens in production, the first thing to assure is to know where the problem happens.

To do this, the first thing is to find a way to reproduce the bug, for example, which input produces the error.

One tool you can use to reproduce a production issue is to…

This year a QA team from vpTech were able to participate to the 12th edition of the French Testing Software and IT Quality Software Days.

This is the best conference of the French Testing Community, hosted by CFTL which is the most known French committee in charge of providing international training certifications regarding Quality Assurance and Requirements engineering. Despite the current covid context, it still remains a refreshing and prestigious place to meet experts and confront our vision of the quality assurance and the vpTech experience with all the stakeholder of this community. …


vpTech is one of the biggest tech communities in the retail industry in Europe. If you think you are ready to compete with most of the best IT talent, join us.

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